The plunge


Silence that stretched, darkness that spread

Both behold an expanse, a universe

I embraced the silence

The world of peace, of calm

The unspoken, unstirred

The unheard, unmarred

The still, unjarred

The unchartered terrain of your rage and reviles

The deafening tranquil engulfed the garish gores

The inarticulate clamour of stillness, blacked out the Babel

I plunged into the abyss of darkness

The unseen, the unbelieving

The bottomless, the unceasing

The unfeigned obscure

The unremitting breadth of life

The unlit, swallowed the sparks of your self spirited fury

The colossal lacuna that you parented

Awaits like a behemoth

To drift me away to the promised land

Which is unguided by the misleading ray of hope.


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