The secret

How’s my dress? Said she
It looks lovely and bright. Said I
He’s tailored it to suit you just right
To the shop again you take me.
This a little secret between you and me

The eyes searched me as I went in
There’s new trash said I, in my bin
A secret was bequeathed, a pact made
That I carry this junk till I’m laid
By who? Cried the eyes
By the one who called herself ‘ your ‘ friend till now.

‘Shopping’ was a secret
Dear friend said I
No more baggages will be bought
None will be stored
A free bird am I whose story’s untold
A secret drifts away as doors unfold

A finger pointed has three unfolded
She forgets that doors have keys and holes too
A victim you are, three fingers her bar
A captive she is, of her mind that’s marred
I let the secret out of the door that’s ajar
Lets be free and fly to a land afar.