Can you? Yes you can!

I have often wondered why some people are super achievers and some of us get sucked up in the vortex of stress , tensions, anxiety and many such impediments.

My NLP sessions with Dr.chaya Nair, (paediatrician, adolescent counsellor ) have helped me discover my potential, face my fears and reinvent myself. It is a well known fact in the present times to seek for happiness within oneself.  To seek help from oneself and believe in oneself. But what many of us lack is the knowledge to do this.

We need a map to charter the unknown domain. We also need a guide to steer us ahead. Neuro linguistic programming provides us with the right knowledge to do so. I am lucky as we had the right guide to  help us on this journey.

So, what are the areas that NLP helped me with?
To get a positive Outlook of myself, in the correct sense
To discover my submodalities and use them aptly
Rapport building
Reframing the mind
Acceptance of others
Goal setting and it’s importance
Face my fears, negatives and how to deal with them
To channelise my potential towards a healthy objective.

The sessions were replete with real life examples and healthy exchange of thoughts amongst our peers and the mentor.

The crux of NLP sessions is that it re programmes us at the subconscious level hence the learning remains for a lifetime.

Finally, NLP steers us towards a  better personal, professional and a more meaningful life.
image NLP team


One thought on “Can you? Yes you can!

  1. Nice. Just a suggestion. Can u post a before NLP/ After NLP kinda post?. This helps quantifying the experience as u can measure it. What were u NOT doing before and how NLP made u do it and succeed in that too? Just give it a serious thought. If a concept is explained with examples, it goes home better. So, under each of those headings, u cud maybe relate an example?For Eg: lets say goal setting..what goal did u set, how did u set and how NLP helped u achieve this.

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