Can you? Yes you can!

I have often wondered why some people are super achievers and some of us get sucked up in the vortex of stress , tensions, anxiety and many such impediments.

My NLP sessions with Dr.chaya Nair, (paediatrician, adolescent counsellor ) have helped me discover my potential, face my fears and reinvent myself. It is a well known fact in the present times to seek for happiness within oneself.  To seek help from oneself and believe in oneself. But what many of us lack is the knowledge to do this.

We need a map to charter the unknown domain. We also need a guide to steer us ahead. Neuro linguistic programming provides us with the right knowledge to do so. I am lucky as we had the right guide to  help us on this journey.

So, what are the areas that NLP helped me with?
To get a positive Outlook of myself, in the correct sense
To discover my submodalities and use them aptly
Rapport building
Reframing the mind
Acceptance of others
Goal setting and it’s importance
Face my fears, negatives and how to deal with them
To channelise my potential towards a healthy objective.

The sessions were replete with real life examples and healthy exchange of thoughts amongst our peers and the mentor.

The crux of NLP sessions is that it re programmes us at the subconscious level hence the learning remains for a lifetime.

Finally, NLP steers us towards a  better personal, professional and a more meaningful life.
image NLP team


My heart’ll hold on!!

Get up!! It’s already 7.30. I dug deep inside the pillow and pulled my blanket further, to cover my face. My husband’s voice sounded like a thunderclap that broke a serene morning. Next, my son came rubbing his eyes and finally both of them forced me out of my comfortable couch. “It’s a Sunday morning for God’s sake!” I screamed. After letting out a bagful of tantrums to run all over the house, I got ready. I knew that my day was ruined!

we drove for a while and then entered the gates of Cubbon Park. I was still sulking. My eyes wandered aimlessly and brightened at the various hues of green and brown all around. The trees opened their arms, inviting everyone to relax in the lap of nature. Mother nature was ready with a soothing balm for anyone who was wounded. The chaotic traffic, the bickering of drudgery, the tensions of meeting deadlines,the faces that mortify, all faded away into oblivion. These gates opened a new reality – A reality which somehow is mistaken for surrealism.

I was lost in the depth of my mother’s lap. My eyes travelled, taking in the pleasantness, when I saw an old lady and a child on their cycles. The child was on a tricycle. The happiness was writ large on their faces. Many others too were pedal pushing towards unknown quarters, but they seemed highly content in their journey.

The chirping of birds had replaced the sounds we were accustomed to . There was a symphony in this cacophony. They were adding specks of bright red, neon green, sapphire blue and gold to the green background. We moved on, I stopped to smarten my ears. They tried to tune in to ‘Akasha ve beelali mele…. nanendu ninnavanu…’ an old romantic Kannada song. The lyrics flowed like new streams from the far recesses of memory. The players wore smart uniforms,I felt like a queen being welcomed to her land! After they finished, little kids and many others ran to thank them. For bringing a dear tune to their ears. I was transfixed in elation. Many dance performances followed, the dancers looked like gandarva kanyas bedecked with ornaments and blissful smiles. We pulled ourselves away to discover the other surprises we were sure were in store.

Dogs ran at our heels, they wagged friendly tails and continued their doggy tricks. Under every tree we found fitness enthusiasts or a poet or a practicing acrobatic team or people with canvas and pallet trying to etch all the myriad hues into eternity. By now we were quite hungry. The tantalizing smell of corn filled with masala was wreaking havoc inside my stomach. We finished our breakfast of corn and a bowlful of fresh cut fruits. Our thirst was quenched by fresh fruit juices. As I sipped on, a little pomegranate tree caught my attention. The bonsai trees which were on display nearby had boards which gave us details about them. It was enriching to learn about the bonsai art.

Then, we leisurely sauntered into the tennis club nearby. The players were enjoying a hearty game. The special players on wheelchairs not only held my attention,but also tossed innumerable reasons at me to be happy and grateful. After watching them for a while  we decided to leave.

I realized that we hadn’t spoken at all. Yet, in that unspoken language there were things that were heard and felt. These fragments formed an indelible mark in my minds’eye. I was homesick for a place, I was not sure it even existed. This is the place where my heart is full, my body loved and my soul understood.