Whose the animal?

I know i’ll get a lot of ‘clicks’! especially to say – ” Lady get your English Right” The others would even add ” you are an English teacher! For God’s sake!!” This is just an anecdote to test how receptive we are.

This was a poster made by a student about ‘Eve – Teasing’. The error obviously caught all eyes. I being an English teacher could not help but read further. It even had a ‘Concluesion’. “I hate this auto – correct”

As any teacher would do, my colleague and I told him how blatant the error was and the poster had many more mispelt words, grammatical errors. To put it in one word it was an ‘eye- sore’.

The student immediately started the blame game. “The fellow who made the poster did it. The CD given by me was perfectly flawless…..”. A group soon formed around us. The one responsible for the poster.

We continued to point – out the flaws and telling them how it would look to an outsider…. the astonishing part was – the group very quickly  said he was the only one responsible and dispersed  within seconds. I had to admire the boy who at least stood there, even – though he was totally disappointed.

We moved – on to see the other posters only to be harassed by the boy who had the audacity to tell us that we were ‘inconsiderate’ to have seen only the blatant flaws. Not the colour scheme or the picture of a boy and a girl. He even added that he was awake till 2 A.M.,had not eaten his dinner for the sake of his poster and we had brought all those efforts to ‘naught’.

My colleague who has no stomach to digest this atrocity of ridiculousness started giving him a sound piece of mind. ” we are teachers and our job is to to teach, right the wrong.” What thought really perturbed me was, if these were impressionable young minds who could be corrected easily, then what were the scores of people who have the same attitude?.

We come across many elders with the same mind – set and attitude. I can recall one incident where one person had put – up placards with chapter – names and irrelevant quotes and passed it off as good proverbs or inspirational sayings. When pointed out the only thing that came up was – how rude could the person who highlighted these could get! Especially not acknowledging the fact that the person had stayed back very  late int he evening to do this and had reported very early in the morning.

I can only say aptly that its like handing over a blank  answer sheet and then blaming the evaluater to have given a ‘zero’ and not considering the fact that he had read thoughtout the night only to have fallen asleep in the exam hall.

All these excuses are to only divert the fact that ‘YOU CAN’T DO IT RIGHT’ simply because you haven’t learnt it right.

People, in my opinion are not at all receptive to corrections. They would like to hear only positive critisisms. Taking ‘no, never, not’in the right spirit and carrying it with grace is something many people lack.

They simply try to lash out at the person who happens to point out, mainly if the person happens  to be equals not a higher – up.
The person who points out a mistake is definitely not perfect, nor is he trying to judge the other as a person. But for having done so certainly suffers a lot of negative critisism.
People misunderstand this as a personal grouse and try to find ways and means to attack the other to settle scores. For God’s sake!!its not a duel.
It was a mistake pointed out – rectify it.

Well! This is not as simple as I make it sound. Many of you might even say “There is a way of saying it.” I can just add “There’s A way not THE way”.This is one touchy side of all the nincompoops.


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