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‘India is one of the happiest countries –says a study from Forbes’. This is one of the articles published in a leading newspaper, ‘A ninth grader stabs his teacher to death’. This again was the other headline that glared after a few days. A channel was showing an extremely melodramatic serial wherein the protagonist very carefully secures his bride to the bedpost and derives sadistic mirth by belting her repeatedly. Suddenly an ad pops up with sweet kids singing ‘ummido wali dhoop’ at the end of which there is a smile on everyone’s lips who watched it.

The next day you wake up to another article which claims India’s the worst country for girls. All these news in extreme contrast to one another are definitely enough to put any rational mind to a state of dementia. The question is which one is real? Do we want to believe that despite all these realities of suicides, murders, feticides we still are the nation of the Vedas. Upholding divine spiritual secrets which have to be imparted to the world? Where have we gone wrong?

Through the centuries we have been victims of many adversities not to mention the ones being created by our politicians, but we have adapted well and have sprung right back with a ‘killer instinct’. The adaptation is so much so that we have lost the thread of our own roots. ‘Survival of the fittest’ has always been the mantra, but we have adopted this and overdone it. The land of the most famous epics has declined to progress towards promoting literature. Why?

The answer is quite simple it does not fetch lucrative jobs, as we know now ‘money makes a man’. Pursing a PG or PhD in literature or arts is like buying a lottery ticket, whereas pursuing a science stream will surely fetch a job that’ll wrap a person in money.

Through the generations we have developed a trend to see ourselves materialistically happy thus inclined towards science oriented subject. But the sad part is arts has lost respect, it has become the study of losers, and the subjects which encourage the students to view the world with a critical eye have deteriorated. The frankness, the openness, the prudence which are a part of these subjects are dead with this decline. In pursuit of technology and money we have given up our culture. While literature which is the mirror of life is heading towards its doom, we can see the rise of a new cult which has no courage to face the bitter truth, rather they only give heed to the new generation hypocritical critics who equivocalize everything, in turn creating ‘sissies’ who are sensitive to every opinion and are impulsive to either ‘die ‘or ‘kill’.

We need to rethink about our attitude towards ‘education’ and ‘life’. Education is not business, life is not a bed of roses, and we must inculcate and give equal importance to moral education. The only way is to encourage literature and other arts subjects, which teach one everything- success, failure, hopes, distress, romance, and heartbreaks. To put it in a nutshell – what life is all about and the fact that yet it is worth living. By teaching our kids to be receptive to everything we can make them humans.

By Usha Srikanth

English Lecturer

Sindhi College.

Posted 24th February 2012 by Usha Srikanth


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