Read Between Lines

“Su chale chu?”, “Su, chale chu?!” This change in punctuation causes a change in tone thus making a perfectly innocent question – “What’s going on?” to something of a teaser like ( direct translation to all those who don’t understand Gujrati) – “What, going on?”. I hope the sarcasm behind the lines is understood. Of course, it is said in a lighter vein.

This art of reading between lines is not an easily acquired one. It comes effortlessly to some but the others who believe in effective direct communication would be greatly perturbed by this ambiguous tongue. This was used as a subtle form to express the – If I could say “Unsayable” generations ago, but in today’s world of  ‘professional diplomacy’ people are often clueless as to what a person actually means. Like:-
Direct Speech (DS): How you been?
DS: good!
READ BETWEEN LINES(RBL): what’s wrong?! is it so obvious on my face I was ticked off by my boss!!
Sometimes a person who is not interested to talk to you.
DS: hey! long time……
DS: oh! so nice you called, I was just thinking about you… but can’t talk now, will call back after 10 mins….
10 days, 2 months…. no call.
RBL: Loser!! I cannot waste my time on your call.
The worst is in an interview.
DS: How have I fared, would I get the job?
DS: You were great!! But there are few more formalities…
RBL: You can look out for another job!
When often asked about your opinion about anything for example a performance:
DS: How was my dance?
DS: WOW!! did I know you could dance so well!!
DS:Will I make it to the next level?
DS: That is definite!! but will get back to you after mins…
RBL: You have 10 left feet.
DS: you look lovely today!
DS: Thanks!
RBL: What’s the catch? As if I look sloppy all other days!!
Often when two people are together:
DS: (to person one) You are always good, helpful and kind would love your company
RBL (often done by the one standing next to him): what does he mean? Am I not helpful? No one would love my company is it??
Many a times:
DS: HIIII!! I am near your house, shall I drop in?
DS: Oh WOOOOW!! Imagine having you, what fun! but sorry not today, I’m at  the office. TOOO BAD…
RBL: Buzz off!! Of all the people to spend a Sunday with!
Many more such examples can be cited, but this lingo is the most dangerous one. It lifts peoples’ expectations and spirits only to drive him up a wall.

Keeping the communication direct and simple always builds lasting relationships as there is no food for unreasonable thoughts and heart breaks.


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