Practic – ail

Practic – ail
Hey! Look at how tall I‘ve grown, ‘. I heard a bunch of kids. I smirked and inadvertently ‘ enlightened ‘ them that it was a mere shadow , an optical illusion caused by the candlelight—— , I was cut midway by their “ will you leave us be.. ? Look.

My pride of being knowledgeable was hurt, but I took it in my stride and strolled ahead. My mind ticked away as I wondered what made me so practical, had I impeded their imagination? ‘You know? ‘At most times too much knowledge plays spoil sport? ‘How long was it that I stopped enjoying the joy a power cut could provide?’

When did I stop noticing the iridescent rainbow, the sallow sky at dusk or the twilight? Many more things add on to the list.

Wasn’t I the kid who wanted to hold a fistful of orange light at dusk, and store it so I could light up the house when there was a power cut? Well in short some one had already invented solar lamps, though the orange ‘halo’ is still missing. Didn’t we all want to fly to the moon just to say ‘hello’ as he was the hero. The handsome one in all bedtime stories, yes! This is done too! Only to jolt us with his marring craters and gray surroundings, very unlike him – the prince charming with a pet bunny.

Whatever happened to the most famous pass – time of staring at the sky – a beautiful blue ocean with cotton candies stuck and bedecked with twinkling sequins? This must have brought a curl to your lips, but out of mockery and not enchantment.

“Thanks to reality “. I’m sure we all were gaping along with the heroin of Jurassic Park when we first sighted the dinosaur, we most certainly do gape now too at the marvelous camera plus graphics tricks. Naturally we are too grown up to know man didn’t exist in Jurassic era or many after that (evolution of species).

We as adults do not marvel at sci – fi movies , but a child’s mind is triggered into a multitude of fancies he being the centre of it , probably making it hard for him to accept facts – well , we have to accept , they are very bleak and unexciting compared to fancy imaginations . Now ‘I ‘was doing some real thinking – why should all actions be reasoned out?

Creativity will take a back seat and lose its charm once confronted by reality – the Pandora box concept. All we have is a ‘feeling’ termed aptly “deja- vu “I returned to the kids who had by now given lives to their shadow animals and stories woven around them, I no longer wanted to shrug them out of their “ignorance” I wanted to slip out of mine, a sense of longing overtook me as I happily drifted away as a figment of imagination.

By Usha Srikanth.
English Lecturer.
Posted 5th March 2012 by Usha Srikanth

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akshar15 March 2012 at 05:35
good stuff !! keep it going 🙂


lifeslittletwists18 March 2012 at 23:53
loved this post 🙂 and so true…looking at Chutku marvel at the twinkling stars and the moon makes me wonder where I lost out on all this simple things that used to make me smile…



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