Path to salvation

  1. “Oh lord Krishna, help me find my organizer” And where in the name of Good Heavens is my secretary?” “Ah! Here is my organizer, mind you it does cost a lot – complete with blue – tooth, feather-touch, I- net access, a high resolution camera, Oh! Many more features.” Here walks in my secretary too , I do need one _ to read out my organized schedule after all I am no gizmo freak of the tech – savvy world to know how to operate these super sophisticated gadgets.

Did I sound like one? Krishna, Krishna! I am a holy man, a humble servant of god – a person who has renounced the world – a sadhu. You say” what about the organizer?” That was a gesture of devotion from a politician devotee. Now let’s check my weekly routine –

Today being Monday – I have a discourse on “how relevant is Bhagvad Gita in today’s world.” “Sounds too weird? “Well I can only see the irrelevance, but I possibly couldn’t say that. next ,

I have a ‘ Padapuja ‘ in a businessman’s house, he’s publicly vowed he would honor me with Rs 50000 ‘ dakshina ‘ , now that’s something !

Tuesday and Wednesday seems regular with devotees thronging for blessings and queries , they do offer something humble – maybe basketfuls of dried fruits , or imported fruits , fine blankets , shawls , leather bags , suitcases , – could be of use when I travel abroad .

‘Well! Nothing to be surprised ‘of course I travel abroad, with fame widespread, one’s person can hardly be chained down to the banks of Ganga alone. Well! The almighty says Ganga, Thames or any other – water knows only purity. Not that I have a fetish for traveling around the world. I may have hardly visited 5 of the 7 continents, hey! Don’t get me wrong, I am no traveling businessman to be able to afford the charges, I am sponsored by devotees. You guessed it for discourses such as the ‘Bhagvad Gita …….’

Speaking of abroad I have to leave for Australia on Thursday. You ask’ what about food? ‘ let me remind you I am an austere , I travel only in the VIP class , my disciples have ample ammunition , I do abstain from star hotel food , my devotees get a simple meal cooked with 5 different sweets, a variety of main dishes, – oh ! I told you it’s simple let’s not have a perusal of it.

OK , back to schedule I’ll be back on next Tuesday , the trip is short and I am sure I’ll be pretty fatigued by all the VIP  , luxury sedan travel , I’ll take a day off from darshan .

” Renunciation “is certainly a well chosen” profession “ though chosen by my parents –  as you know the six preceding generations of a ‘swami’ attain ‘moksha’ and  “why wouldn’t they ?” with one person toiling hard  worshipping the lord day and night , they are bound to attain salvation ( I do remember god even in my search for minute things like an organizer . ) One man’s hard work, six generations of paradise?!! Yes I emphasize – the path to salvation is certainly cumbersome.


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