Pangs of bhakti

Hey, mom it is still drizzling, oh, no! No fun, but we gotta go. Nope, we were not attending a party. It was my hubby;s strong influence on my son , I noticed , he had already turned a “small – devout.” You got it right , it was Thursday “ Raghvendra swami – day “, oh, all days have been attributed a god or vice versa (whatever) .

we were on our way to the sanctum sanatorium , party or pilgrimage it was impossible to suppress an eight year old’s excitement to venture out of the house . to seek the Almighty’s blessings was most essential, especially so as it was my son’s b’day.

I wonder / fail to understand , why it cannot happen at home, despite the fact that it’s a mini temple complex in itself. Well! There has to be something different, some unseen power that lures “devotees” like us. The aura and air was serene and pristine, the tune of the melodious bhajans were drifting through the air.

I felt myself swaying to the first, ‘still’ for the second,

The third one  was a patience tester, I half expected the fourth to be spontaneous enough but I had a “reliever” a valiant lady who chirped that it was getting late. I admit she was courageous to have said that, but no…….. She was a contender to the opposite gender, it was just a diplomatic way of getting her chance,

OK I had to bear a few more devotionals, the more you invoke the god, the more you are blessed. but , my ‘ bakthi’ is as short lived as my temper, I glanced at  my hubby hoping he would get the cue , I only got a cold stare in return, I managed to send words through my son , but the answer was , we were to stay for the Prasad .

Ah-ha!! The magic word, isn’t that the big difference, from home? I had to find a means of passing time, my son was already flirting with an insect at his toe , I had to strike a poise , seem interested , unlike my son who was disoriented . I found my fingers toying with my cell phone, I discovered that I could do a lot many rotations in a minute ,

I was done with that and shot my hubby another glance hoping he had given up on the Prasad . He did not even notice, by now I had started drawing attention and nasty glares from even the farthest ends,

“my goodness! I wasn’t trying to seduce my husband!!”  I contained my urge to yell this out, but a sarcastic squirk had boisterously made its way to my lips, this was a getaway, I was pretty sure I would be shown the gates. I regained composure , not making it conspicuous , the aartis had  begun , even the priest shared the mind frame as mine and made it evident by not being audible and restricting each aarthi to half rotations contrary to the regular 3.

Finally the ordeal was over, anyway patience and perseverance is the path to success in life, this holds good even for a Prasad or rather especially for a Prasad ,

Posted 24th February 2012 by Usha Srikanth


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