Graduate to greater heights

  1. As I sat with a bunch of girls ,helping them out with the compering for the PU Graduation Day 2011-12, I was given this profile of the chief guest, one retired professor from IIT Kanpur, retd professor from IIIT Bangalore. The profile was so weighty that any reader with even little knowledge of what all the degrees there mean would be awestruck as i was!

    My wonder was washed off as another student entered the room and had a look at the  profile, his immediate reaction was “OMG””A whole lot of degrees he has collected , he must’ve spent most of his life doing nothing but burying himself in books.”

    That would no doubt would be one part of it , but one must have an IQ to digest all that he reads and then work hard to reach such heights, was my reply.He shocked me by saying that many such degrees and many more would be available at any market ,only if you had the money to buy it,he was even confident to add that instead of collecting  such trash one should help many people and they would certify and tag you with greater degrees than those.(Typical down- market movie crux)

    Well this was so shocking and surprising that words failed me.

    This might be the attitude of the present generation – at least 75%of them.
    Nerds have always been butt of jokes, criticism etc from times immemorial but what I failed to understand was how could one just be so impetuous and judge that a man who was so highly placed wouldn’t have helped anyone?how could one even judge another by just a piece of paper which told nothing about the person other than his educational qualifications?

    The D-Day arrived , the guest alighted the dais to deliver a speech.

    He looked pretty aged, with a charismatic out-look, clean and neat in a crisp shirt and trousers, very formal. He started to talk and time just flew…., he was so humble, clever at tapping the attention of 18 year olds, all he spoke about was the students and how THEY were an inspiration to a grand old man like him who had 51 years of experience in the profession.How they spread cheer and good will, how their enthusiasm and love for life keeps people going.

    He even emphasized the need for IQ but more so the need for EQ emotional quotient. How one can climb greater heights by being able to connect and not disconnect with people. For a generation which calls themselves “socially active” by having hundreds of friends on networking sites none in reality, being emotionally intelligent was essential.

    He was an epitome of humbleness , humility,he showcased this by not feeling irritable at the technical glitches that was caused.The motley crowd was mesmerized and charmed right through his speech.

    What I would like to convey to my students and all the young friends is that .

    • Never judge a person by their profile,even if it SCARES you.
    • Nerds are winners and they carry it with grace and humbleness
    • They do not seek success , success seeks them.
    • They are ready- to- help human beings like all of us.
    • They reach -out better and interact better as they do not suffer from complexes,as many do when they meet such people

    Next most important things are

    • You can buy degrees,not knowledge
    • You can become rich, not humble ,without fighting with your own demons
    • You can buy what you may term ‘success’,but cannot become ‘successful’
    • Respect others – you have nothing to lose.

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