Mr.Bhaskar was an IITan and an IIM guy. He was selected for his dream company, proved his mettle there too and leaped the ladder of success. He was now  in-charge of a team which consisted of engineers and even MS grads.
The dead lines had to be met , the work had to be accurate, he was famous for satisfying both, the team had their own opinions to quote, but opinions did not matter to him. Everything was discarded , all were ‘motivated’ to work over time. He was applauded again. Now was the time for incentives.
Its an era of boss rates you , you rate the boss and Bhaskar was rated out. He was a failure as a leader and over  a period of time he saw no great promotion, he was stuck forever.
What went wrong? Where did he fail? These thoughts plagued him forever.
Now lets watch a tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s4ADmIp_pI

What is the difference between Bhaskar and this little one here? What did the baby sense that he didn’t? Mood changes, reactions, Emotional changes, attitude changes of his colleagues. Now lets see another visualhttp://youtu.be/2JgpARGvBnc

Who is correct? There are two sides to a coin, always.But people who are emotionally weak do not sense the other half . They fail to see view points, opinions, tension. Basically in this case Bhaskar was an emotionally weak person.Emotions play an important role in life. They are the spice of life. EQ. is as important as IQ, sometimes even more. Babies sense and respond to emotions,  but as we grow many people lose this touch.  What are the emotions that we have dominantly? Joy, sorrow, fear, excitement, anger, sympathy etc. How do we recognize these? Through facial gestures, expressions, body language and words. From where do these emotions emerge? amygdalaFrom a tiny part in the brain called Amygdala The bonds that we share with our family and friends is a simple example to show that EQ matters more than IQ. The question that really matter is – How is EQ going to get me what I want?to get me what I want? Lets see

This was the speech given by our Swami Vivekananda at Chicago. His sentence “Brothers and sisters of America” fetched him utmost respect despite being ‘Indian’. He played upon the emotion called ‘love’.He got what he wanted. Now lets see this.
The father of our nation did get us our freedom, by playing upon our strong emotions which worked against the British.http://youtu.be/yE6MNIKbNXc
Lets take a look at thishttp://youtu.be/UVLEnqEkGEk
That was Hitler making  one of his best speeches, he did have half the world in his grip. He created ‘fear’ and cashed in on it.
Lets see this 
This was Mark Antony making his iconic speech; a ‘nobody’  was able to turn the entire Rome against the powerful senate.
So, being emotionally intelligent gets you what you want.
The best example in our recent times or in our times are the film makers and our own T.V. queen Ekta Kapoor.
In conclusion I would like to sign off by saying that we should be responsive to others’ emotions not reactive at all times. It has been proven by live examples that socially aware and emotionally intelligent children grow up to become effective leaders.

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