Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde


Much can be marveled at the anatomy and mechanism of the human cerebrum. R.L. Stevenson alludes that everyone is born with a twin. Obvious mirth is derived when Hyde is in action, he assumes his dominant self when he has a horde to establish and exercise his anathema. Jekyll shrinks into anonymity.

This twin combination is more pronounced in men in power. The presence of Hyde is in direct proportion to the extent of power their position/designation can draw out. At the initial stages, Jekyll does atone for his twin’s misdoings and misgivings only to make his twin stronger and more powerful. The Jekyll then remains only a visage to his higher- ups, the ugly Hyde, who has by now lost self control and encouraged by Jekyll’s misdoings exercises his ascendancy, though only on his sub ordinates. Hyde has by now lost all reason too and revels in the glory of his supremacy for creating many more Hydes like himself.

The Hyde who is the epicenter of this write up is one who can be found in abundance in any govt or even private institutions. The misgivings of this version of Hyde are lack of reason, complete absence of Jekyll.

  • He is the one who cavils matters or issues.
  • He is the one, who suppresses problems and not addresses them,
  • He is the one who blames his higher ups conveniently for his lack of action or redressal of grievance
  • He is the one who forces his subordinates to bypass protocol, also giving them a dressing down for having done this.

The communicator is Hyde when it is downward flow and Hyde doing a Jekyll when it is an upward flow.

This is the stereotypical Hindi movie villain whom we watch and loathe but it is a heartrending overview of the political scenario of our country, we allow ourselves to be governed by Hydes, the Hydes inside or Hydes outside us. The above-mentioned are but only a few of the many vice traits of Hyde. The tragic flaw is that one Hyde propagates many others; it will continue being a vicious circle until Hyde meets Hyde – his nemesis
The human cult sees the much awaited second coming.

Posted 24th February 2012 by Usha Srikanth


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