Divya Gyan In Droplets

India is a land of spirituality, most well acclaimed spiritual gurus and their philosophical books hail form this land which offers spiritual knowledge at every foot step.

Every Indian has a “Personal Spiritual” experience and at a pretty early age is proficient enough to release a book of “GYAN” of his own. An average example of an average Indian upper middle class person can strengthen my stance.

The most relevant one would be to discuss about the water problem. Water reserves have to be checked every few days in our area, then a load must be ordered in advance to avoid further problems. I had a fine experience this time, as , being a resident of a posh locality all the inhabitants can well afford the private water supply in tankers. Though , this time the shortage was so acute that the owner wouldn’t answer the phone calls, the only alternative was to zoom to the source and ‘Order for a tanker load’.

The wait began and frustration too, by the second day the taps ran dry,our patience also. But the next day all I could do was “Be the early bird to catch the worm” First one to wait at the doorstep of the tanker’s owner.

A whole lot of accusation and objections were taking shape in my head which I intended to hurl at the owner. The wait got longer, till all my voices died down, the ego too took a beating as no – one would take heed. Finally at the end of two hours many people had joined me to wait. At last we had the divine darshan of the water supplier. I learnt the spiritual lesson that fuming and raging won’t fetch a farthing.

In the mean time another person  impeccably dressed , got down from his car to join the wait, he threw a jolly fit of rage, uttered a whole huge list of influential names that he expected would yield the desired result. All this outrage was in vain, I was wonderstruck to think our country has finally attained the “True State of Democracy” (nothing works).Another lesson – no short cuts towards success.

People came and went as I stood my ground, at last the person took pity on me and the tanker was sent. Another lesson learnt – Humbleness and humility does pay off.

My neighbours could only raise  their eyebrows, the next day I had a similar ordeal with the BWSSB authorities, not to mention the number of phone calls. By now ‘ego’ was out of my person. I had reduced to ‘Pleading’ for water. Again perseverance paid off and a tanker was sent.

This time my neighbours were seething with jealousy ,one even had the spine to say “You got one load yesterday and one today, we don’t even have water.” This was incomprehensible especially because I wasn’t the cause of stoppage of water supply. ( In India nothing is delivered to your doorstep, you have to put your large share of hard work to get it). The driver promised them a load too, only to get away from there. The people returned to their homes with a beaming smile across their faces. We had learnt to live for the moment.

The amusing part was no one was ready to discuss the greater problem , unify for a long – term permanent solution. Afterall we are the true followers of our spiritual preaching.(Be happy about what you have, do not yearn for more, as nothing is permanent)

Most of learn a lot form similar ordeals – with Electricity board, Payment of bills through machines. Haggle with the telephone exchange etc. We have learnt to be content with little or nothing. Power, money, influence are meaningless jargon in many situations. We believe in enjoying and cherishing the moment ( This is the biggest impediment of progress). Patience and perseverance seep into our beings unknowingly because of many such experiences. We have also learnt the greatest eternal truth that – Heaven and Hell both are to be found here on this Earth itself.


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