confessions of a sleepoholic!


A happy night’s sleep.Mom’s pleadings for me to wake up…but I am awake just had my coffee.O no! That was just my dream!

“O shut up!!Stop shouting early in the morning.let me sleep!”

“Its not early in the morning! Its 10 AM! ”

“Its still early mom!!!!!”

Reading this you might get an idea what a sleepy bear I am. Guess I have inherited it from dad. It’s a known fact that minimum 7 hours sleep is required for a sound body but no one ever said 10 was bad! And this has been getting on my mom’s nerves for quite a while now. I make it a point not to miss my afternoon’s nap.only to be woken up by my brother’s return from school.Hungry and foraging!

This happened on yet another slumber afternoon. I woke up from my sleep only to find my mom sitting next to me. I expressed my obvious desire to rest for some more time. It was then that she asked me a question “Is sleeping a means of escapism for you?”.OK! That was bad.No one had ever called me anything close to an escapist before and now here is something I find it so divine and my mom calls it ESCAPISM!!

I sat in bed.Still under my covers and wondered why I did not retort at that. Because I did not have a stand. She was right. She was right to the dot in the question mark. I was sleeping only to escape from the routine dismays of life.

I have a fortnight to go for my 2nd PU board exams. I have taken a few preps, some with preparation and others with luck! My scores aren’t great but I am quite happy for what I got and what I had prepared. Now i have 24 hours of a day and 15 days at my disposal. I have to study. But I am over confident. I am bored to study the same things again and again. So if I prove that there is no time to study, I just need not. I started sleeping all the time only to escape from studying.

But can someone really believe that I slept almost half a day only to escape studies? Yes, the answer is no.

I am not only bored of studies but am also afraid of loneliness. Imagine you spent 10 hours a day with your bench mates for a whole year and suddenly the next day you don’t see them! This separation from friends is grilling me. But I should not be complaining..We all have mobile phones! Now that’s the biggest pisses me off when I have to keep staring at my phone expecting a text from at least one lazy person like me..But none!!This is a call.I should be studying. I open my books. I text a friend but no reply. I study a page or two. C’mon I know this..Yes! There I go… Slack again…

Beep beep! Yay!!! I got an SMS.But the yay no longer lasts. I only get an opportunity to envy her. She is shopping at a mall. And here I am…I crib..I accuse my mom of not indulging me in all my fantasies. Poor her. She changes all her plans to please me.”But no! I don’t want to go. I don’t want to beg you to take me out and you say yes..Are you giving me alms?”Of course these words are concealed behind my lips. I just say that I am tired and am off to sleep again.

It’s not only my mind that has deceived me into this lethargic world. I am the delicate darling of the family. So even if just frown complaining of headache or sneeze once or twice, I am pumped with medicines and invariably these med are sleep inducing. I often protest that I should not be taking so many tablets, but my mom’s justification puts me off “I can’t see you in pain, Baby.”

Over the past few days, these are the only things happening. I am guilty of not studying. I am scared looking at myself in the mirror cause of the way I have blown up! Yet I am sleeping away to avoid TIME, the time in which i have to be studying but only sit and brood.

You might be under the impression that I am not a happy girl. I do not love my family. But that’s Bullshit!

If not for my mother, I would have never thought of accusing that pebble which made me fall into this dungeon of laziness. If it was not for her motivation, I would have never found the small crack, the light through which gave the poor soul in the dungeon, a hope, a positive energy that she could come back! I want to make this small crack a beacon motivation. I am off to study now and have made up my mind to cut down on sleep because never again do I want anyone to remind me, “Sleep can also be escapism.”



Posted 4th March 2012 by Usha Srika


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