Brush aside – be happy.

  •  I drew near the gates, the watchman’s smile was affable as usual. But somehow the gates looked unfriendly, the facade I was used to for the past 4 years seemed to be imposing, it seemed I was stepping into some unknown quarters. “why was this sense of doom descending on me ?”

    As I entered the office, I couldn’t help but admire the ‘time – sense’ of the bio – metric machine, it was always ahead of all the clocks that I know. I ‘punched’ it with a sense of resentment.

    I stepped into the ‘lift’ thinking that’d ‘lift’ my downtrodden spirits too. But it also started to close in on me with a vengeance.

    I rushed straight through the corridors before I noticed any more hostilities.

    I caught my breath at my table,the chair thankfully didn’t spurn me. I had to get these hallucinations out of my head. “What made my world so horrifying?” Just yesterday I was jubilating at my victory over 108 papers. (Finished correction).

    I finally made an attempt to open my cupboard, now the ‘actual monsters’ were unleashed. The spookiest part was I could even hear a song in the background – “Abracadabra! The monster in the closet is giving me a fright”.

    I understood the reason behind the hostile world. I had no moral right to revel in my glory of having finished correction, when a HUGE world of untouched work was conspiring to dampen my happiness.

    They were victorious. This wasn’t fair war at all…. One against so many!!

    This battle of compiling the scores, writing reports, compliance sheets, analysis, report cards, attendance …. was all fought just A FEW DAYS AGO.

    Why this mutiny against me??

    I had won that battle, now again a war – cry? oh no! This is a Hydra,YE! I could see one ugly head rising. I shut the cupboard just in time – before the monster attack.

    “Relax , think clearly, you’ve been there before, it’s not all that bad!!” My sane mind said.

    The insane one – which gave me all the hallucinations , the hostile perception of the entire world, gave me a better idea.


    Ah – ha! Now things cleared up.My mood lifted as I walked away from my work –  to try and catch up on some or the other grapevine always doing the rounds.

    I could not shove it off for posterity, but procrastination has its benefits and it definitely provides immediate relief.


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