Be Responsible too..

‘So many students end up not writing their exams due to shortage of attendance’. This is the same story every year and in almost all colleges. This was the topic of discussion amongst three of us – two colleagues and myself. One happened to be a visiting faculty conducting classes especially addressing issues like this to students – Time management, anger management etc.

This person in subject had only one thing to say “we have to change ourselves.” Not getting the point we asked him to elucidate. He went on with his theory that lecturers had to be more modern in their thinking, not stereotypical in their ideas of discipline, outlook has to change…Still looking at our quizzical faces he went on more lucidly that – we were to not pull them up for having a ‘little chat’ with their neighbors, smiling or chuckling irrelevantly, shifting in their seats. Adding PJs now and then to lighten up or liven up the classes would help a lot. whereas, he continued, the lecturers take a very stiff stance in , matters like these, in turn creating a lack of interest in the students, hence scaring them away from classes.

Now THIS was no longer a conversation. My other colleague was bemused and I was too appalled, this soliloquy had no credence. ‘I’ who suffer from the ‘foot in mouth’ disease for once planted it more firmly in my mouth not coming up with a befitting repartee. The person in subject was older than me and it would be audacious on my part and cheeky too even if I were to speak the truth.(Our country suffers from the wrong notion of respect)

We are a set from a gen not too old, majority of us have a ‘modern outlook’ as we have been there, done that. Be it cutting classes, passing notes, chiding teachers, hiding from them, evading parent interaction, substituting someone else as friend’s parent etc. This is just not new, the other activities too – having ‘flings’, playing cupid,name it and we’ve done it. ‘So, what comes out of this?’- ACCEPTANCE,TOLERANCE, because of the sense of deja- vu that we acquire when we interact with the lot, most of us are tolerant to all this.(Limitations,Conditions apply)

The answer to ‘outlook’ is right here, we are not a gen who don a chignon, high – necked blouse with a collar,’kora kagaz tha yeh man mera’ type glasses. Heavens Forbid! To be precise we do not look ‘intimidating’, little liberties are always there and no – one’s pulled out unless it is the cause of major disturbance. Whatever makes people think lecturers are zero tolerant to gumption and are sticklers to perfection form their wards?, The entry of PJs and exchange of pleasantries can practically happen for minute or two at the most, the syllabus has to be covered, in the language classes exchange of thoughts can take place more frequently lending to a lively environ, but the same cannot be shared by other subjects whose syllabus is vast and heavy, to put it in lighter vein – a lecturer cannot strictly do a ‘Sushmita Sen’ of ‘mein hoon na’ just to convert the ‘methyl alcohol’ ie; the syllabus into ‘ethyl alcohol’ an intoxicant. Time is scarce and voluminous portion has to be covered. So, if everything else under the sun is discussed other than the subject, the whole purpose is defeated.

Boiling back to the same point. Students cut classes due to lack of their own interest in the whole system of education(As shared by many whom I’ve interacted with) many others to spite parents who’ve forced them into a certain stream, many who have no clue why they bunk!!(habit maybe) it is very puzzling.

Education is a business, students are customers, customer is the king and should be kept happy. I definitely don’t mean let them be happy cutting classes, but at the same time the total blame or onus cannot be shifted on lecturers, students are young adults, they too must fall into the bracket of accepting and shouldering their duties and responsibilities. After all it is their future.


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